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Maintenance issues can suck, but we make them a breeze to deal with.

Console Tenant makes it easy to raise and keep track of maintenance jobs at your rental property. Got a leak in the bathroom? Write a request, add a few photos, and then send it off to your agent with the press of a button.

We make it easy to keep up to date with important tenancy-related highlights, such as updated maintenance requests and recent rent, bond and invoice payments.

Console Tenant allows you to:

  • Raise maintenance requests, including photos and notes about the problem.
  • Check the status of your request for updates from property managers.
  • Track past maintenance requests, including those raised by other tenants.
  • Easily make invoice payments. [Only available if your PM Agency has opted into this feature]
  • Track invoice payments. [Only available if your PM Agency has opted into this feature]
  • Easily set up recurring rent payments. [Only available if your PM Agency has opted into this feature]
  • View payment history, including rent, bond and invoice payments.
  • Review the Entry Inspection Report for your property.
  • Download payment receipts as PDFs.
  • View your tenancy details at any time, through the dashboard.

What is a Security Bond?

A security bond is a sum of money requested by owners/agents from tenants. The rental bond provides financial security in the event of a breach of the lease agreement. Before you move into your new home, you usually pay a bond to your landlord or property manager.

How does the bond work?

The bond requires the preparation of an official document, which must be deposited in an approved ‘bond trust’ managed by each state government or approved financial institution.

The landlord or property manager is responsible for submitting the bond lodgement form and funds to the appropriate state department. Make certain that you obtain a receipt for your bond.

The amount of the bond is specified in the lease document, and the maximum varies by state.

It is common practise to charge the equivalent of four weeks’ rent, plus an additional amount in some cases where pets or furnished properties are involved.

Your bond will be released at the end of your tenancy, where you may receive a full or partial refund.

Property Inspections

An initial inspection of your home will be performed within the first six to eight weeks of your tenancy, followed by a four-month inspection. You will be notified by email at least seven days before the inspection. You are not required to be present at your home for the inspection unless you choose to be. Please leave a note in a prominent location with any issues you wish to bring to the attention of your property manager, or email them prior to the inspection. Your property manager will leave you a card informing you of their inspection. We anticipate that your home will be well maintained and presented in a clean and tidy manner, both inside and out.

If the property manager finds any problems with the routine inspection, you will be notified, and another inspection will be performed if necessary.

Condition Reports

When the keys are handed over to the property, two copies of a comprehensive Property Condition Report will be provided. You must thoroughly review the report and make any necessary changes before signing and dating one copy, which must be returned to us within 2 working days. If we do not receive your signed copy within the allotted time, the original copy held in our office will be used as a reference when conducting the final inspection and determining your bond refund at the lease’s termination.

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