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How to Be the Best Hobart Property Manager and Keep Great Tenants

Posted by Nathan Grandin on November 12, 2022

To be the best property manager Hobart has ever seen, you have to do a lot more than just rent out houses. As a great Hobart property manager, it’s your job to make sure that every property you rent out stays filled with happy tenants. Here are some ways you can do this.


The art of communication

Real estate agents help property managers facilitate tenant-landlord communication so that everyone’s expectations are clear from day one. Agents also ensure you comply with tenancy regulations, monitor and manage tenancy for both parties, work on tenant safety initiatives, and provide settlement management services when applicable. The best way to keep your tenants is to give them the great lifestyle they deserve by engaging with Tasmania real estate agents like Southern Horizons Property.


Being proactive

By being proactive in Hobart property management, landlords can increase their chances of keeping great tenants. Things like taking care of repairs in a timely manner will help tenants feel respected, which is crucial when they’re deciding if they want to stay in your home. Anytime a tenant approaches you with a problem, get to work on finding solutions as quickly as possible. Additionally, many renters think that fixing small problems will be bothersome for their landlord so they may neglect them instead. The sooner you fix things like leaky faucets or lights that don’t work properly, the less likely it is that tenants will move out because they feel you’re too difficult to please.


Building a rapport

Landlords who have great tenants often think that their success came from luck, but the reality is that many landlords just didn’t put in enough time and effort. Building a rapport with tenants is key for a property manager – you need to make your tenants feel like they’re more than just a customer. If you want to be the best property manager Hobart has seen, start by making sure you take care of all tenant communication requests within 24 hours.


Respecting your tenants’ privacy

A tenant’s privacy is important. When you need to enter their home, it’s always best to notify them first. Southern Horizons Property will only enter a property when there is an emergency or if we are doing routine inspections. We don’t spy on tenants, either–our job is to maintain the property for them! We also respect your tenant’s wishes about pets.


Responding to requests in a timely manner

The most important thing a landlord can do is respond to their tenant’s requests in a timely manner. If you find yourself having trouble meeting this requirement, it’s time for a second set of eyes. Hire Southern Horizons Property or search property management near me so you can be confident that your tenants are happy.


Dealing with difficult situations

Good management is key to attracting great tenants. Find a property manager that will not only set your rental up for success but handle problem situations with ease, should they arise. Landlords are encouraged to screen potential tenants thoroughly in order for them to understand what expectations are of them before signing anything on the dotted line. These best property manager Hobart teams make it their business goal to ensure your rental keeps great tenants by following these tips:

1) Provide quality amenities

2) Work hard at maintaining good communication with your tenant

3) Remain welcoming yet firm as a property manager

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